Saturday, January 30, 2010

Contoh: Outstanding Balance RM20K

Contoh Kiraan:
Credit Limit 25K.
Outstanding Balance of 20K with say Affin credit card, to be restructurued to 36 mths installment.

Before: Statement Outstanding balance = 20,000
After: Statement Outstanding Balance = 0

Before: Full Payment = RM 20,000
After: Full payment = RM 686 monthly

Before: Minimum Payment: RM1,000
After: Minimum Payment: RM50

Before: Sesak Nafas, gaji habis bayar kad kredit, wife bising, member tak ajak main golf
After: Lega... As they say, peace of mind is priceless..

Before: Faced with 18% p.a interest, Late Charge, Overlimit Charge, every month,
After: No further interest/charges, with reduced monthly committment

E-mail these info so that i can see what are the solution options available (pls also state your contact no):
Card / Status / CreditLimit / OutstandingBalance / MinimumPayment(+due date) / AvailableLimit/
e.g: EON Visa/Active/10,000/8000/400-by-16March/2000

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